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Portrait of a music lover in the family van der Mersch by Cornelis Troost, 1736
Headstone of Lieven van der Mersch (1600-1666) in the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem
Estate Heerewegen in Zeist
View on the glassworks of the family van der Mersch te Oostervecht, with the second oven and the row of workers' houses

Before you is the family tree of W.A. van der Mersch. This site has been put together to gain sight in to him related families. Through the help of family member the genealogical research is well underway. There are now over 3500 ancestors and 2000 cousins of W.A. van der Mersch on this site. Many thanks to everyone who made his contribution. Hopefully, your help can provide a more complete family tree than it is today.


The family tree on this site is only visible for users. If you're interested in the family tree you can register yourself (go to Registration). The family tree contains a lot of information such as pictures, paintings, birth-, marriage- and death certificates. These private images are only visible on this specific site. When you're related to one of the family members mentioned below, don't hesitate to register yourself. After your registration has been accepted, you're able to log in on the site en view everything!

If you're not interested in all these extra features, you can also view the family tree on Genealogy Online. The family tree over there doesn't contain any pictures such as here.

Where do I start looking?

The enormous number of people might frighten you, therefore the main branches in this family tree are mentioned below. These persons mainly give the boundaries of the tree, so where branches stop or start. Either way, they give a clear images of the width of my research.

Besides, this research is not done yet. Therefore you are kindly requisted to visit this site regurarly to check whether it has been updated.

Main branches


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